Questions about Attending a MADD VIP (Victim Impact Panel) Class in Tennessee

How do I find out if there is a class near me?
Click here to see a listing of the all the cities where we offer the class statewide.  If you are interested in attending a VIP class in a location outside the state of Tennessee, you may click here for a map that will let you search by zip code or state to find another location.  (Most courts will allow you to attend a MADD VIP in another state if it is more convenient, but you should double check with the court where you were sentenced to verify that an out-of-state VIP class would be acceptable.)

Where do I find the dates for a class in Tennessee?
Click here to see a listing of the all the locations where we offer the class statewide.  Choose a location that is convenient for you and click the underlined location name in red.  A page will come up that will give you the dates when the class is offered at that location, what time to be there for registration, what to bring, etc.

Do I need to reserve a spot to attend a class?
As of March 9, 2016, on-line pre-registration is available.  We highly recommend that you pre-register and pre-pay to guarantee your seat at the class.  You may pay online with a credit or debit card.  If you do not have a credit or debit card, you may still pre-register and select "on-site payment" to pay on the night of the class.  ONLY Money orders will be accepted as payment on the night of the class. Click here for On-Line Pre-Registration Instructions.

An email is required for On-Line Pre-Registration.  What if I don't have an email address?
You may register and pay on the night of the class.  However, we recommend you arrive as close to the starting time for registration as possible in order to ensure a spot.  While most classes do not fill-up, in the event that the room did come to full capacity, those who are pre-registered would be given first priority for attendance and after that admittance would be given on a first come, first served basis.

If I pre-register, what time do I need to show for my class?
Even if you pre-register, you will still need to show up at the time indicated for registration for the location where you will be attending a class.  It takes time to check-in all those who have pre-registered in addition to those who will be registering on-site.  Should the room come to full capacity, you would need to make sure that you were there for the registration period so that we can verify that all pre-registrants are present or you could risk losing your spot to an on-site registrant.

What if there are no classes available before my court date at the location where I want to attend?
Click here to see a listing of the all the locations where we offer the class statewide.  You can click each location one-by-one to check for dates and search for one that is offered in the timeframe you need.  We do NOT offer special classes.  Classes are only offered at the dates and times published.  If necessary, you may need to consider attending a MADD VIP class in another state, if the court will approve it.  For a listing of locations in nearby states, click here for a map that will let you search by zip code or state for MADD VIP locations.

Is there a Spanish class available?
Yes, the Nashville location does offer a Spanish class.  Click here. The dates listed with a ** are offered in Spanish.

Are there special classes for court ordered minors?

  • In East Tennessee, we do offer a juvenile version of our Victim Impact Panel in partnership with the Knox County Juvenile Court. For a listing of dates, times, and location, click here.  A parent or guardian is required to attend with juveniles 17 years or under.

  • In Middle Tennessee, an alternate program is available for teens and their parents.  The program is called Start Making a Right Turn (SMART.)  For more information on the program including dates, times, and fee information. click here.  A parent or guardian is required to attend with juveniles 17 or under.  In this program, the parent is also considered a participant and would be required to pay a fee as well.  In addition, pre-registration is REQUIRED.  Click the Referral Form at the link above to print and complete your form which may be faxed or scanned and emailed to us to reserve your spot for the SMART class.

Do you offer fee waiver?
No, we are non-profit and cannot offer fee waiver for our programs, not even for those declared indigent by the court.

Do you accept checks or cash?
No.  We can accept credit/debit cards, but only with pre-registration and pre-payment.  On-site, we can only accept money orders or cashier's checks.

Will I get my VIP certificate for the court the day/night I attend the class?
Yes.  At the end of the class, you will be given 2 copies of your receipt/certificate.  One is yellow and one is pink.  The yellow one is for you to submit to the court (or your probation officer or attorney) as proof that you have completed the program.  The pink copy is for you to keep for your own records as proof that you completed the program.

What do I do if I lose my VIP certificate and need another copy?
There is a $25 fee for a replacement certificate.  To obtain a replacement, send us:

  1. a $25 money order 
  2. a self-addressed, stamped envelope
  3. a note giving us the name you used when you attended the class, the location where you attended, and the exact date when you attended.  (Without this information, we will not be able to locate your original certificate and verify your attendance and you will have to attend the class again.) 

You may send your request with the above items to MADD Tennessee State Office, 53 Century Blvd, Suite 100, Nashville, TN  37214.  Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your replacement.

Is this DUI school?
No.  If you have been ordered to attend DUI school, that is separate from a MADD Victim Impact Panel class.  Some judges will order offenders to attend a Victim Impact Panel class.  Some will order offenders to attend DUI school.  Depending on the charges, some may order offenders to attend both.  You will need to be clear about exactly what the judge has ordered you to do in order to fulfill your sentencing requirements.  If you are unsure, contact your attorney, probabation officer, or the court to clarify your requirements.

How will I know if a class has been cancelled due to weather?
We always recommend you check our website on the day of the class.  If a class has been cancelled for any reason, it will be posted here