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Almost half of all 10th graders drink alcohol.
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 National Facts

  • In 2012, 10,332 people in the United States were killed in a drunk-driving crashes – one every 51 minutes. (1)

  • In 2012, 1,296 people in the Texas were killed in a drunk-driving crashes. (2)

  • MADD is serving a victim or survivor every 8.6 minutes. (1)

  • Since MADD was founded in 1980, the number of drunk driving crashes nationwide has been cut in half. (1)

  • More than 300,000 lives have been saved and more than 300,000 victims served. (1)

  • One in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their lifetime. (1)

  • Almost every 90 seconds, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. (1)

  • An average drunk driver has driven drunk at least 80 times before their first arrest. (1)

  • Drunk driving costs each adult in the country almost $500 per year. (1)

 Southeast Texas Facts

  • Harris County is the drunk-driving capital based on the number of alcohol related fatalities.

  • In 2012 Harris County had 175 fatalities involving drivers with a BAC of .08 or higher. (3)

  • In the 10 counties MADD Southeast Texas served in 2012, there were 265 alcohol related fatalities involving drivers with a BAC of .08 or higher. (3)

  • MADD Southeast Texas served over 2,650 victims of drunk driving in 2013.

Youth Facts

  • Teen alcohol use kills about 4,700 people each year — that’s more than all illegal drugs combined. (1)

  • About 30 percent of 8th graders have tried alcohol. (1)

  • Almost half of all 10th graders drink alcohol. (1)

  • Almost one out of every four 12th graders reported binge drinking in the past two weeks. (1)

  • One in six teens binge drinks, yet only one in 100 parents believe his or her teen binge drinks. (1)

  • Three out of every four kids say their parents are the leading influence on their decisions about drinking. (1)

Sobriety Checkpoint Facts

  • Research shows a 20 percent drop in drunk driving deaths, injuries and crashes when checkpoints are conducted. (1)

  • Checkpoints typically delay motorists about 30 seconds, or the length of a red light. (1)

  • A Gallup poll showed that 87 percent of respondents approved of sobriety checkpoints. (1) 

 Ignition Interlocks

  • On average, ignition interlocks reduce repeat drunk driving offenses by 67 percent. (1)

  • 50 to 75 percent of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on a suspended license. (1)

(1) MADD National

(2) NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System

(3) TxDOT




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