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MADD Statement on Alleged Drunk Driving Crash in New Orleans (02/26/2017)
“MADD is saddened by the alleged drunk driving tragedy in New Orleans. Our hearts are with the victims and the families. Drunk driving is a 100 percent preventable crime, and it's critical that we pass strong laws and back them up with strong law enforcement. MADD urges everyone to plan ahead if their plans include consuming alcohol to prevent tragedies caused by drunk driving.”

Featured MADD Statement

MADD’s statement in response to Mayor De Blasio of New York stating that drunk driving could be ‘a very minor offense’
“There is nothing minor when drunk driving kills or injures 300,000 people every year. Drunk driving is always a major offense and we should never minimize the impact it has on families and victims.”

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MADD has grown into one of the nation’s most widely respected non-profit organizations, with experts available to media for questions about Drunk Driving, Underage Drinking and Victim Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are a member of a news or media organization, please contact our media relations desk in the U.S.:
By phone:  877.ASK.MADD
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