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We are proud to partner with State Farm, who supports MADD’s underage drinking prevention initiative, The Power of You(th)®. The need for prevention is great as teen alcohol use kills about 4,700 people each year- more than all illegal drugs combined. Our goal is that together, through The Power of You(th), we will help teens take a stand against underage drinking and show them how they can set an example for their peers.  State Farm has previously supported other MADD initiatives including Walk Like MADD and Protecting You, Protecting Me.

Focus on MADD’s Mission: Prevent Underage Drinking
Program Support: Power of You(th)
Years of Partnership: 5 years

State Farm’s desire to help protect quality of life led to their involvement as Presenting Sponsor of Power of You(th), MADD's underage drinking program that works to involve teens in the fight against underage drinking.

The Power of You(th) campaign is an awareness campaign that helps teens take a stand against underage drinking and empowers them to be an example for their peers and make a difference in their schools and communities.  Learn more about this program.