Teen Drinking Prevention

A safer future rides on tomorrow's drivers

At MADD, we know that by getting today’s youth off to a good start, we are taking a giant step toward fulfilling our vision of a nation without drunk driving. That’s why we’re focused on tackling underage drinking, a problem that threatens the safety of our kids and endangers entire communities, now and down the road.

Communication is KEY! Parents are a youth’s leading resource when it comes to making healthy choices. This program helps parents use the power they have to keep their kids safe through ongoing, critical conversations with their children about alcohol and other drugs.

Youth can also play a big role in underage prevention! They can stand up as the leader who makes it “ok” to say no to alcohol. Check out the Power of You(th) program to find out how young people can use the power they have to save lives!

Your kids are listening

Believe it or not, teens list their parents as a major influencer in their decision to not drink alcohol before the age of 21.

Research shows that kids and teens who drink are a danger to themselves, their friends, and others. The sooner kids drink, the more severe the problems they face in the long and short term.

It begins by asking the right questions, such as:

Does your teen have a drinking problem?

Your teen could already be drinking, and even have a drinking problem, if alcohol is missing from bottles or cans in your home, or you’ve discovered alcohol hidden in your teen’s backpack, car, or room. Take our short quiz to find out more.

How does my parenting style impact my teens chances of drinking before 21?

Parents rely on certain strategies for raising their children. Research shows these parenting styles fall in to one of four basic categories. Find out which style of parent you are by answering a few short questions.

What strategies can I provide my child to help him or her?

Sometimes, teens face situations where they are pressured to do something they would rather not do. For example, a friend might push your teen to have a drink when your son or daughter doesn’t want to. Practice some strategies.

Get the Facts

Teen drinking is a bigger deal than you might think. The law says it’s illegal to drink under the age of 21; and it’s illegal for someone under 21 to drive after drinking any amount of alcohol. Get the facts on some of the most common myths.

Request a Presentation

Reach out to a local MADD office and schedule an underage drinking presentation
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Find an Advocate

Connect with a Victim Advocate if someone you love has been killed or injured by underage drinking
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Download Resources

Start ongoing and potentially life-saving conversations
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Get Empowered

Learn how to make a difference in your teen’s life
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