Power of You(th)



MADD and State Farm Partner to Protect Students from Riding with a Drinking Driver : New MADD/State Farm survey reveals one in three teens have ridden with a drinking driver in the past year, and one in four teens would be willing to ride with a drinking driver

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Youth Pledge

Take the pledge to not drink alcohol before age 21 or use other drugs and to never ride with someone who has been drinking alcohol or using drugs.

Making Good Choices

The choices you make today are setting the foundation for your future. Staying on a positive path – and joining the majority of teens who don’t drink – will help you reach your ultimate goals and dreams.

Know the Facts

Some of the decisions you make today will affect you for the rest of your life. Having good information will help you make good choices.

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National Presenting Sponsor:

We are proud to partner with State Farm, who supports MADD’s underage drinking prevention initiative, The Power of You(th)®. Our goal is that together, through The Power of You(th), we will help teens take a stand against underage drinking and show them how they can set an example for their peers.