Take a Stand

One out of six teens binge drinks. You know what that means? Five out of six DON’T.

You can be one of the five out of six who take a stand. You have the power to influence your friends and make a difference in your school, home and community. MADD wants to use that power to spread the word that drinking under the age of 21 is dangerous, not to mention illegal.

It’s all about the Power of Youth.  Here’s how You can use that power:

  • Participate in Red Ribbon Week school activities this October.
  • Take your best shot at preventing underage drinking.  Enter MADD’s Power of Youth video contest and show us how You have the power to stop underage drinking.
  • Use social media as a tool to influence others. Follow MADD on Facebook and Twitter and let your social network know about your views on underage drinking.
  • Share the teen booklet with others.

Your future is worth it. Use your power to take a stand.