PowerTalk 21®

Talk Early! Talk Often!

Your kids are weighing the pros and cons of drinking alcohol — starting at age 8 — and every day after that. Parents are the number one influence. What are you saying? April 21st is the national day to talk with your kids about alcohol.

Parent Handbooks

NEW Middle School Handbook now available! Sign up to receive a FREE copy of MADD’s parent handbook to have intentional, ongoing conversations about alcohol with your high school teens and middle school kids. Download >>

21 Days in Support of 21

Every day from April 1-21, MADD will provide parents and communities across the nation with information and tools to tackle underage drinking through MADD's Power of Parents program, nationally sponsored by Nationwide and nationally supported by the GM Foundation. Read More >>


Get the facts on underage drinking and share this graphic to help spread the word. Learn More >>