Get Involved

PowerTalk 21® isn’t just for parents.  Anyone concerned about the dangers of underage drinking can get involved. 


Join. Throughout the day on April 21st, MADD will offer free 30-minute online discussions on the best ways to talk with teens so that they really listen, using research-based tips and tools.  We will also have sessions in Spanish. Click here to register for one of these online sessions and learn how you can make the most of your influence and keep your teens safe in the comfort of your own home.

Request. Sign up to receive a FREE copy of MADD’s parent handbook for research-based guidance on starting the on-going conversation about alcohol with teens.

Download. Once you have signed up for the handbook, you can also access our flyer or read our seven tips for connecting with your teen.

Plan.  Get a game plan for starting the conversation. Choose a calm and relaxed time and location without distractions where you will have each others’ undivided attention. The parent handbook offers tips on avoiding potholes and talking so teens will listen.  Click here to contact your local office for more information on our free 30-minute parent workshop.

Donate. Help MADD continue to provide free parent handbooks and workshops to encourage safer communities.


Download. Teens also have the power to take a stand against underage drinking or riding in a car with someone who’s been drinking. Download MADD’s teen booklet to empower you to make a change, influence your peers, and communicate with your parents about this issue.

Talk. By communicating with your parents about alcohol, you open the door to building trust, to understanding the risks associated with decisions you face about drinking alcohol, and to establishing a strong support system to help you face the peer pressures that may come your way.


To take action around PowerTalk 21 day in April, help MADD equip parents and adults in your community with the parent handbook to start talking with teens about alcohol by:

  • Contacting your local MADD office to invite a facilitator to your location for a parent workshop
  • Planning a PowerTalk 21® event, such as a Parent Workshop, before Prom or Graduation
  • Becoming trained to facilitate parent workshops
  • Organizing a WALK Like MADD® event to engage students and adults to support the mission
  • Donating here to help MADD provide free parent handbooks