RKD 2105 Mother’s Month

Picture your kitchen table. What do you see?

It should be a place where stories are swapped and meals are shared. . . where lessons are
learned and love is always present.

But when tragedy strikes, the kitchen table is a painful reminder of all we’ve lost. This
Mother’s Month, we’re thinking of all the courageous mothers who have to look at empty chairs and empty tables.

And we’re reminded of how our movement began at one of those empty tables. . .


Since our inception 40 years ago, we’ve made
incredible progress.

Drunk driving deaths have been
reduced by 50%.

More than 370,000 lives have
been saved.

MADD has compassionately served over 840,000 victims
and families.

This momentum is only possible because of the strong mothers and
mother-like figures who stand behind us.

Stories of Heartbreak and Strength

Our family has not been the same since this tragedy. Holidays and birthdays are not the same.”

- Damion Henderson’s Aunt.

Damion’s aunt watched him grow from an infant into a social young man who was friendly to everyone he met. He spent his last day eating pizza and shopping for video games with his friends. The adult who had been entrusted to keep the kids safe decided to drink.


There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my sweet girl.”

- Susan Cannon, Jessica’s mother.

Jessica wanted to go to college, get married, and have kids. But after a crash involving a drunk driver, her mother Susan had to make the difficult decision to take her daughter off life support. No mom should ever have to go through that.


On June 19, 2016, all of our hopes and dreams were destroyed, shattered into a million pieces.”

- Delia Foster, Rachel’s mother.

Rachel gave birth to her little girl, Savi Mia, while finishing college and working fulltime. Life was full of promise, until her daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Now, Rachel is fighting to end this 100% preventable crime.


Celebrate the

of Mothers

Be inspired by these incredible mothers and influential women. You
can fuel their fight and give them hope for a day without this devastating crime.

When you give today, our generous donors will MATCH your gift
up to $30,000 in celebration of Mother’s Month.

Or, if you would like to share a personal story of your mother or figure in your
life who exudes strength, leave us a comment on