Posts tagged with: drunk driving

  • Voices of Victims: Chase Korte
The phone connection kept dropping. By the third time, Pat Korte told his oldest son, Chase, who was driving out to the middle of the California desert to film a few scenes for an independent movie, to just call him back...
  • Aleandra “Aly” Anika Sanchez
Aly was a natural born leader and an adventurer. She loved life and was always trying something new. She strived to help others by caring for her grandfather and teaching a neighbor how to use the computer. At 12 she...
  • Why hurricanes impact drunk driving
Hurricane Harvey wrecked more than homes. It wrecked lives. And it may not be done inflicting its damage. The immediate aftermath of Harvey, Irma, Maria and other hurricanes has been plastered across our social media feeds and television screens. People...
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