Thank you for being a part of Walk Like MADD events in Connecticut. During this time of virtual events, we are inviting families to submit photos of their “Team Tables” as you may have seen at a live walk event. Team Alley is where each Victim Team brings photos or mementos to help us get to know their loved one who was killed or injured in an impaired driving crash. For our Virtual Team Alley, we are inviting teams to provide us a similar way of getting to know their loved one by submitting a photo version of their table.

We suggest you create an actual “table” at home like the one you would have created for the live event. Then take a picture to show us the items on display and submit along with a description about the table and your loved one. This will help us to get to know the person for who you are walking.

At the bottom of this page are some photos of Team Tables displayed at some of our past live events. They will give you ideas for what items you may want to include. Every table is unique. But feel free to use the photos for inspiration to create your own.

Here are a few tips for creating your photo:

  1. Make sure the lighting is good and we can clearly see everything you’re showing us.
  2. Check what’s in the background of the photo.
  3. Give us a view of the whole table. If you would like to give a closer view of an item, that’s ok, you can submit more than one picture.
  4. Provide a description of the table and your loved ones name.

Once you are finished, email the pictures to then watch for your photos to be added to the Virtual Team Alley Page.