While self-driving technology is still rapidly developing, some companies are making great strides in their progress. A recently released info-graphic highlighted companies and the distance their self-driving cars could make before disengagement. Disengagement is when the car’s software detects a failure or the driver detects a failure and the driver must take control of the car. The greater distance the vehicle travels per disengagement, the better that vehicle is performing. Google’s Waymo outshined their competition by nearly doubling the amount of test miles driven before having to disengage – driving over 11,000 miles.

MADD is excited about this impressive advancement, understanding that fully-autonomous vehicle technology will play a significant role in reaching a day of No More Victims®. This technology will serve as yet another option to keeping our roadways safe. MADD is proud to partner with Waymo and congratulate them on their advancements. We look forward to their continued progress.