My Name Is…Amie DiGiampaolo

My Name Is Amie. On June 4, 2000, I was a passenger in a friend’s convertible. We were sideswiped by a drunk driver on the highway. My friend was unable to control the car because of the collision. The car I was in struck the median guardrail head-on, flipped over at least 3 times, and landed upside down and on fire in the middle of the highway. Despite seeing the crash he had caused, the drunk driver drove away (he was later caught by MA State Troopers, and he had a BAC of .16). Two good samaritans dragged my friend and me out from underneath the car saving us from the fire and mangled metal. My friend and I were undoubtedly lucky as we both survived that horrible crash, but we did not walk away unscathed. The emotional trauma of that night has stayed with me. I’m not a victim; I’m a survivor. I volunteer for MADD so we can move toward a future of No More —no more impaired driving, no more victims, no more senseless and preventable deaths. #MyNameIs #Amie

— Amie DiGiampaolo