In Honor of…Andrew Joseph Ingargiola

Our beloved firstborn Andrew was murdered by a drunk wrong way driver on Saturday, March 19, 2016. The 25 y/o female offender (a repeat DUI offender) drove Westbound for nearly 3 miles in the Eastbound lanes of a major corridor before she struck Andrew’s vehicle head-on. Not only did she murder my child, but she injured others too. There was a chain reaction to the initial crash which involved two other vehicles and a total of five individuals. Three of the five of those occupants required medical attention. The offender died in the crash as well.

Andrew was a “gentle giant” (he stood at 6’7”) with a heart of gold. He had the BEST sense of humor! He enjoyed being the life of the party and making others laugh. He was a full time college student and security guard at the time of his death. Andrew aspired to be a graphic artist. He was artistically gifted from a very young age. My son Andrew was visiting with out of town friends on the night that he perished. He drove for over 200 miles, and was less than 10 miles from home before he was struck and killed.💔 Andrew Joseph is deeply loved and forever MISSED!🥺 I implore you all not to drive while you’re impaired!!

— Elvia Ingargiola