Brandon was the light of my life! He was my candle! I was so proud of him. He was studying to become an Evangelist Missionary Overseas, and was almost finished with his studies. He loved God with all of his heart, soul, and mind. He was going to work on a Saturday morning when a drunk, and drugged driver clipped his bumper at 5:30am. His car ran into the median, flipped over three times, and ejected him out the car door window. I just thank God that my baby did not have to suffer, or be put on a breathing, and feed machine for the rest of his life. He was killed on impact. As hard, and difficult as the Holiday Seasons, and, really, every day are, it is such a comfort to know that Brandon was a Christian, and that I will see him in Heaven, again, when I die. Thank you, Jesus! God does NOT make mistakes!!
— Paulla Boatman-Jankowski