Brandy was strong, beautiful and had a light that shined so bright everyone wanted to see her and know her. When She was 10 years old she was walking across a road and was hit by a impaired driver in a truck doing 52 mph in 1994.
Brandy made the most out of life. From her wheelchair, she went to school dances, graduated high school, even though her vocal cords were paralyzed leaving her with no voice, she took 4 years of Spanish (2 of those years in college). There were many ups and downs in her short life. She approached most of them with laughter. She touched so many lives with her smile. Her smile was contagious. When we had her Celebration of Life (that she planned) over 200 people attended. I made purple ribbons with crosses tied to them. She kissed each one. Everyone took home a “kiss” from Brandy.
My beautiful baby is in Heaven now. I cannot hold her, I cannot see that amazing smile anymore when I get out of bed. He took away my best friend. This amazing young woman, my first born and for what??? A DRINK???? A Drive??? WHY??? My baby is not here.
— Barbara Lanham-Grinde