In Honor of…Brian Lee Paulette

My son, Brian, was 15 years old and riding his moped 4 blocks from home when he was struck and killed by a 69 year old man, driving an F150 truck, who had been arrested 6x for DUI. The truck driver made a left turn in front of my son as he was approaching his house 1/2 block away. Brian was killed instantly. Brian’s 18 year-old sister and I were with him before the ambulance arrived. Our lives were destroyed by a man who chose to drink and drive….over and over again. MADD has helped us channel our grief by volunteering and supporting other victims. Brian would be 45 this December and there isn’t a day that I don’t think of him and wonder if he would have lived out his dreams, which were violently stolen from him.

— Theresa Paulette