Casey had to work the day after Thanksgiving, November 26,2010. The day known as Black Friday is a term I have come to despise and dread hearing every holiday season. Casey came home, ate dinner, then fell into “his chair” for a nap. All of a sudden he jumped up and said ” c` mon” ma, let’ s go out to the mall. Even though I didn’t have to work that day, I was tired from Thanksgiving. I tried several times to talk him out of going, but he was insistent to do a little Christmas shopping. So I finally gave in and went with him. We were only gone maybe 3 hours and started on our way home. He had just text his dad and told him we were getting ready to leave Wendy’s and would be home about 20 minutes. We never made it home. 5 minutes later we were hit by a drunk driver. He had been drinking all day and was heading to Walmart to get some more beer. He had been seen running at least 10 other cars off the road before he passed out and slammed into us. My son was driving, but couldn’t get out of the way soon enough. The car went off the road down a deep embankment and rolled several times. I remember thinking as I was holding on that I was going home to meet Jesus that night. I also remember the silence was so deafening, even as all the windows busted out of the car. The car rolled back onto the road and landed on the wheels, my head got jerked around and I saw that I was in the car alone. That was a very disturbing feeling. I started screaming Casey’s name and tried to look around for him, but I was still being jerked around. The car came back up on the road on all four wheels, in the wrong lane facing traffic. I could already hear sirens coming. I didn’t know where Casey was and got my phone to call 911. A woman answered and I was talking to her telling her I didn’t know where my son was. She kept me on the line and I told her I could hear sirens. A deputy pulled up a few seconds later and walked a ways down the road. He told me where Casey was- about the distance of 2 football fields away. I started to go to my son and he told me ” no” , to stay with him, “my son was gone”. By then the rescue squad was there trying to take care of me and all I wanted to do was go to my son, I didn’t care what was going on with me. I wanted to stay with him. I couldn’t leave him him there, he was my baby. After a while, the rescue workers finally got me in the ambulance, even though I was fighting to stay there. The drunk that hit us was the length of 3 football fields from where my son lay in the road. He was still passed out, laying across the steering wheel. When the police got him to wake up he had no idea what had happened. He didn’t know he had caused a wreck, took a young life, or caused injury to somebody else. Casey was my youngest of 3 boys, but stood 6 foot 4 and 250 lbs. The biggest of the 3, he had several nicknames from different friends. He was ” Big Sexy”, ” Big Dub Diesel”, “Big Cat” to his softball buds, ” Big Bear” at work and “Goose” on the volleyball team. And some I’m sure I don’t even remember. Casey had a smile as wide as the ocean and laughed all the time. Casey could tell a stupid joke, people would roll their eyes but would laugh like crazy because his laugh would make them laugh. He was just so crazy goofy. He really knew his Bible, too. He even impressed his preacher and Sunday School teachers. He was such a crazy nut, loving to play jokes on everybody. He could light up a room just wby walking in. He was such a handsome young man and loved the finer, more expensive things in life, like Jean’s, flops and shades. No cheap clothes for him. He loved to be dolled up. And the girl’s just loved some Casey and oh what a flirt he was.Casey loved everyone and everybody loved Casey. He met and had friends all over the country and the world through Facebook and from going on mission trips through his church youth group. Casey always shared the love of Jesus Christ with everybody and lived a godly life. He wasn’t ashamed to let people know about his love for the lord and he shared his testimony with everybody. Kids of all ages adored Casey because he was a big kid himself. On mission trips he loved to be with the inner city kids, teaching them that it was ok to let others know that you knew Jesus. He spent time not only talking to them, but listening to them and then playing games with them after bible studies. One little kid he met thought Casey was a professional football player because he was so big. Casey hated to hear about friends in high school that would go to parties and drink. Boy, he would definitely get in their face about drinking. Casey was very popular in high school because he was a good friend to everybody. He was invited to all the parties where there would be drinking because EVERYBODY knew how Casey felt about the drinking. Casey was everybody’s designated driver. He drove every single person home that had been drinking. Everybody!! And nobody messed with Casey because he promised to open up a can of whoop ass if they tried to drive drunk. Casey was the most loving, funny, prankster type of friendly person in the world that was so against drinking and driving. How ironic that his short life was ended by something he was so adamant about. Casey is missed and loved by so many and will never be forgotten. The holidays are the worst for our family, but we can have some peace knowing that he’s with his heavenly father and we will be with him again. We miss you and love you so much.?
— Bobbie Bohr