My beautiful , handsome prince:

My Christian
So full of life; vibrant and sunny. When you walked into a room all eyes were set upon you, and when you moved to speak, those who heard you- hung on to your every word.
Beautiful inside and out. My first born, and ALWAYS my first true love; for it was on the day that you were born, that I felt the absolute power of that word and that is when I truly understood its meaning.
I will never be the same. I can’t. The world was a different place for me, when you were in it.
Next month will be 5 years that you are gone. I know you fought to live my son, I know. I know you didn’t want to leave me, and your sister or brother. It hurts different now, but– it always hurts.
We love you and think of you always.
If there IS an after life, it is there where I wish to meet you again, so that I can be whole once more; for without you, I am living broken. But I am living FOR YOU, and them, and I hope that I am making you proud.
I miss you. I love you eternally.
— Christine Calderon