In Honor of…Christopher William Jennings

Hi, my name is MaryAnne. My 24 year old son Christopher had just gotten married, moved to Woodstock Virginia and landed his dream job in carpentry. His 19 year old wife was pregnant with their first child, a little girl. We were all so happy she is a girl because Christopher has 3 brothers and no sisters. Then on September 3rd 2020, Thursday 8:30 pm, he was driving home to his pregnant wife when a repeat offender, drunk, high, speeding, woman decided to start texting too on top of everything else and crossed into Christopher’s lane and hit him head on so hard that her car kept going and she not only destroyed Christopher’s car but pushed it back the way he had come from, quite a long distance. Christopher had several broken bones and his head was slammed into the drivers side door with tremendous force. The paramedics didn’t even try CPR or take him to the hospital. They took my son directly to a funeral home and shoved his warm body into a cold refrigerator. I will never understand how or why anyone could do that. He should have been taken to a hospital. We were 10 hours away driving through the night to get to him. His beautiful daughter was born 3 months later. He wanted 7 children. He never even got to see his first one born and he was so excited to be a Dad. Christopher is missing out on his entire life, as well as his daughters life, and his wife and daughter and all of us are suffering his loss in absolute agony.

— MaryAnne Jennings