“Grief’s Slient Battle”

As I lay here in the bed
I’m screaming, screaming in my head!

I want you back
Begging God to backtrack

What kind of man would you now be?
If only, if only I could see

What would you look like, long or short hair?
Opening my eyes to find you smiling in your favorite chair

To clearly hear your sweet deep voice
Saying, “Sorry Mom, sorry for my choice!”

Why did I bury you at age 19? Always my baby…
God must want me to share your legacy

Worlds collided that fatal day on Highway 47
But I thank the good Lord, KNOWING you’re in Heaven!

An exhausted calm finally mumbles around in my head
As I lay here, silent tears tumble onto the bed…

I love you, Cole.
Cole was a sober passenger in a truck of an impaired driver who was killed June 5, 2011.

Kathy Kilgore Beeler-Cole’s Mom Forever and Always
(Originally written by me September 2012)
— Kathy Kilgore Beeler