David, my son , was an amazing young man. He would light up a room with his smile, he was a family man and greeted everyone with a warm hug. He would give the shirt off his back if it would make your life just a little bit better. David served his country as a very proud Marine. He found the love of his life, married and was a amazing father to 3 beautiful children. Our world was shattered when his life was taken from us by an impaired driver. There isn’t a day that goes by that I wish it were all a dream and he would be walking through the door with that smile upon his face. His children have suffered greatly with him not being in their lives, loving them and guiding them through life’s tough journey. A piece of my heart and soul are missing, a emptiness that does not go away. The holidays are difficult, there is the empty chair while gifts are being opened and at the table where dinner is shared. There is the silent void that we all feel but do not share because it is too painful. There is nothing to do but endure the sadness and push through each day. I will keep fighting to end impaired driving so other families do not have to endure the devastation that we have due to a poor decision made in a moment. So other parents do not have to bury their children.
— Pam Ondash