It’s been 38 years since you have been gone. I will never forget that day. September 25, 1980, I was on my way home from work. Busting 18 wheelers for being so late on the road, they all said there was a bad accident back near my exit. When I got closer to my exit, I heard two local police officers call for me on the CB, I thought they wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday, but I was wrong. When I got home two police officers were waiting for me at my house. Again my first thought was they wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday, but when I saw their faces, I knew there was something else going on.
We went into my house, my folks were in the kitchen and of course, my dad started screaming at me since there were two police officers with me. One of them told my dad I didn’t do anything wrong, and they needed to talk to me, Then the police officers took me into my living room and sat on the couch one on either side of me. Nobody said anything for a few minutes then one of them started to talk about the accident on the next exit ramp on the other side of the highway. I told them what I heard from the truck drivers. The two officers looked at one another before the other one cleared his throat and told me that it had been my best friend in the crash. She had been on her way to my house so we could go out for my birthday. A drunk driver had hit her car really hard in which her car ended up wrapped around a telephone pole. Her car split in half, she had died instantly.
Diane had only been 32 years old and I had turned 22 that day. We had lots of plans to do when I had gotten out of work that day, as well as get together with a lot of our friends that night. Instead, our friends came to my house to comfort me. I had been on/off the phone with her parents that night as well as the next few months. Even though Diane had been 10
years older than me, we never noticed the age difference. We had similar likes and dislikes, we were going to be friends until the end
I still think of Dinae, and it took a long time for me to get into a car on my birthday, I didn’t want to be in a car or anywhere near where her accident was.
Diane was a wonderful full of fun and adventure who never had a bad word about anybody. I miss my friend.
— Sharon Wallace