Doak was a junior in high school who was very popular, an athlete and loved by many. He had his whole life a head of him. His accident happened during Christmas break, the Saturday evening before school was to start again. He and three others were in a vehicle with an 18 year old drunk driver. They were racing home for a midnight curfew. The driver was driving at a high rate of speed, going south in a northbound lane. He over corrected, hit a telephone pole and cracked the car in two. My brother was one of two boys who died that night. My mother never got over the trauma of his passing and died 5 years later, The drunk driver had few if any consequences from that evening. No jail, no restitution and was the least injured of the five boys. This was a time before there was such a thing as DUI, restitution, and organizations like MADD. I often wonder how his life would have turned out had this horrible accident not had happened. Please drive responsibly.
— Tammy Boyd