Where do I even start? Why does a sister have to sit here an light a candle in memory of my brother when I could be holding him, texting him, snap chatting him, or any of the other stuff we use to do. But till my last breath I will never be able to do that again because a selfish 21 year old chose to get behind the wheel of his car after drink. A selfish 21 year old could call his momma before he got in to the vehicle but he sure as heck did when he swerved over head on to my brother! I think what kills me the most is he was so worried about the next step then to even go see what he did! Now I have to always tell my kids they won’t be able to see there uncle d again when they ask me! Or I have to wipe the tears that roll down my face time to time! Or I have to see our mother in so much hurt. See our family on a daily basis cry an weep over my AMAZING brother being tooken way to soon! My sweet sweet 8 year old nephew cry because he misses his daddy! But to just think the selfish 21 year old will be able to hug his mom again! I will not stop fighting this fight of awareness for drunk driving until I take my last breath what ever it may be I will do! I love you bubba an I miss you every day!
— Cheyanne Grimmette