My son Dustin died October 29th, 2018 just 22 days after his 30th birthday.
He was killed at the hands a a 21 your old man that made the decision to drive drunk instead of being responsible and calling for a ride. He left his lane traveling over 80 miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone, hitting and killing my son instantly . He did not stop till away from the accident and never got out of the car to see what he had done. So when people say he has to live with what he did.. no.. he never even seen what he did.
My son was an amazing man with so much going for him. He had a beautiful soon to be wife, and the most amazing little mini me, his son Dustin Jr. Two Grandmothers that doted over him, Aunts and Uncles, sisters, a brother and nieces and nephews that that he was the best Uncle D ever.
A Step Dad that thought of him as his own, and me..his mom.. a part of my heart died that day as well. A part of all of our heart died that day.

The sencless act of being a adult and not getting behind the wheel killed the love of so many peoples lives that day..
We are forever lost, we are forever broken..
But we are going to be s big voice! We need change no family’s should have to feel this pain..
— Tena McCallister