My dearest Dustin,
It has been 14 years since you were killed and left this earthly plane. I miss you terribly and wait until the day I see you in heaven. The problem is….I don’t know how long that will be. So, until then, there is a hole and ache in my heart not having you near. You taught us so much in the short 18 years you had on this earth…how to love, how to look over things about people that aren’t important… remind us of their souls that are good and true and to look for it in everyone.
I love you Dustin and miss you so much – but will go forward in serving other victims and survivors of this 100% preventable crime of drunk and drugged driving. I will be your voice and the voice of all the others who have died or been injured until we can – one day – be a nation of NO MORE VICTIMS.

Love you,

Your mom and dad.
— Colleen Sheehey-Church