My 21 year old son, Dylan, was murdered by a 43 yr old drunken nurse on March 29th. Her name is Tori Melissa Gonzalez. Dylan was on his motorcycle going home from the store just down the road from where he lived with his girlfriend , Samantha, of 6 yrs. High school sweethearts. They are expecting their first baby! Dylan was excited about the baby and would have made a wonderful dad! But in the blink of an eye Tori Melissa Gonzalez took it all away!! She is a NURSE!!! Of all people she should’ve known better than to drive drunk! Nurses are supposed to SAVE lives NOT destroy them! She took my baby boy, my son, from me!! He was even wearing a helmet…not a law in AZ! But unfortunately that didn’t help him! This so called “nurse” needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!
I am aching so incredibly bad!! I’ve NEVER felt pain like this!! My adorable, funny son is gone!! A dad to be no less! All because of a drunk driving nurse! A totally senseless death!!!!!

— Tracy Wilke