I light this candle in memory of my beloved one and only child D’ymond. On May 11, 2015 at 1:38 a.m. her friend who was under the influence choose to drive her back to college and took the life of D’ymond. D’ymond was a senior on a full academic scholarship at the illustrious, Delaware State University. She was the newly elected Women Senate President and was traveling back to school to attend a leadership conference. Although we miss her so much, we honor her by continuing her legacy through the Dymond Shantyl Dantzler Legacy Foundation Inc. a non-profit where our mission is to uplift and empower young women. We also bring awareness to the community and surrounding areas by encouraging them take the PLAN2LIVE PLEDGE which simply states: “I sincerely pledge to never drive a vehicle while under influence of any drug, including alcohol or to ride with anyone under the influence. I refuse to ride with anyone who does not wear a seatbelt or allow them to ride in my vehicle without a seatbelt.” #IPROMISE We hope to always let everyone know DYMONDSAREFOREVER and she will always be in my heart ~ Always Loving You Mommie
— Simone BYRD