Edith Wise Eads is my mother. She was killed by a drunk driver on December 9, 1990, which is 28 years ago on the date I write this. Mother was a pedestrian, along with my father, Dan Eads, in an auto-pedestrian crash. They had celebrated a friend’s 50th birthday earlier in the evening. I am told they had a really good time. Neither was intoxicated. It was the drunk driver’s second DWI arrest. I wrote her probation that included 10 years probation, community service, 180 days in jail to be served on weekends, and drug and alcohol rehab. I do not know where she is or what she is doing. Mother was survived by her husband of 38 years, two daughters, three grandsons, two siblings, many nieces and nephews, and many, many friends. We continue to miss her.
— Kathy Eads