In Honor of…Eduardo Gutierrez

Thank you for all the memories and laughs you gave us. It is still hard to know that you will never be apart of our lives again. That we will never get to hug or make any new memories with you. It still only feels like yesterday you were riding home to get their as fast as possible to greet us. I really miss you and hope you are proud of what we have done in your absence and hope that you are proud of me. I live everyday thinking about you and wondering about what you would think of all the things that had happened since that day. Our lives, and family will forever have a whole where your existence should be. I hope you know how loved you are and how missed. I am so sorry for the injustice you received and wish I could do more to rectify it. You deserved so much more than that. You and your life was worth so much more. I love you and patiently wait to see you again. Please know that we will keep your name alive to your grandkids and their kids for the rest of our lives. I love you so much Dad.

— Jordan Figueroa