Eliza Farrell was a kind, funny, smart and athletic young lady whose hard work and determination was starting to
shape her future.

The joy Eliza spread and the positive impact she had on her family, friends, friends’ parents, neighbors, teachers, and coaches was apparent while she was here with us. Since she has left us we have continuously been told what a wonderful, caring, supportive presence Eliza was in the lives of so many.

Being the best friend and teammate she could be was extremely important to Eliza. She did not want to let anyone down and was always looking to put a smile on someone’s face with a big hello, and of course a big hug. She cared greatly for her friends; always wanting to make sure they were doing well and if not, to let them know that she was there for them.

Eliza was willing to take some risks especially on the soccer field; being the 1st to volunteer for the tough tasks like taking penalty kicks. Perhaps that beautiful red hair of hers had something to do with that brave part of her personality. Eliza was becoming such an amazing young woman. For sure she would continue showing great care for others. She would expand on those leadership skills she was already displaying.

As a student Eliza worked hard to earn her grades. She was so proud of herself at the end of her sophomore year because she exempted out of all her finals, having an A average in all classes. One of the toughest assignments that year was the essays for Honors Lit. The 1st essay was titled “Laws of Life”, the student had to select a quote from the book and state how it specifically relates to their life and makes them who they are.

The quote Eliza chose was about being the best you could be in your faith to achieve everlasting joy in Heaven. She wrote, “One cannot achieve the goal of making it into Heaven just by preventing harmful actions and saying one is Catholic…Improving and striving to have a stronger relationship with God is key…The goal is to not only get into heaven but to be proud of what you have become when it comes to the day God decides if you shall go to Heaven.” She went on to say “A goal needs perseverance and vigorous action to be achieved. That is why I know that the law of my life will push me to achieve my ultimate goal. Heaven.”

July 4th, 2017 Eliza reached her ultimate goal. Sixteen days before her 16th birthday.

A victim of someone else’s selfish choice.

Eliza Farrell, was an amazing daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend. She had a kind soul that
wanted to bring happiness to everyone she met. She is missed and loved by many.
— Matthew, Caren and Max Farrell