September 21st 2014 my whole world changed when my sister and her soon to be fiancé, and their dog were hit and killed by a drunk driver. Matthew is an Army Veteran and was preparing to propose to Emily. He actually spoke with his family about it that day before they began their drive 15 minutes to see another family member. They sadly never reached their destination but ended up in a ditch. I would give anything to have them here to meet their niece, Emily. Knowing they are watching over us is what helps me continue on. I know they would want me to be happy. I love them so much and miss them constantly. Their killer still does not understand the magnitude of his actions and is fighting the courts everywhere possible. My family has had amazing counsel and judges on our side. We have worked with our MADD office in Lincoln Nebraska who have helped us understand so much and always support us. We are still heartbroken by Emily and Matthew’s deaths but very thankful for the people we have become friends with who continue to help and support us.
— Amy Widger