On December 23,1983, I was blessed to be the sister of handsome gentle brother, Gabriel. We received an adorable Angel sent from heaven above wrapped in a red long stocking on Christmas Day. He illuminated our lives from the moment my brother entered the door till his last day. I’ve been a witness and now a testimony that love transcends to heaven above. My love holds no boundaries for Gabriel. I miss his smile, his laughter, his dance, his charisma that was all his own. He tragically died and became one of the many victims caused from repeat drunk drivers. Our country needs to pursue measures to prevent the loss of life caused by drunk/impaired driving. Laws have to change and consequences in the justice system must be reviewed for these repeat offenders. Nothing can bring Gabriel back to my family. My family has a never ending journey that spirals in and out from sadness to anger, from resentment or guilt then eventually peace. It’s our cross we bear with the grace of God. How many more must join this unwanted life-altering devastation to create change?
*Gabriel, I will always be sharing your name and your story to all that I can for you My Sweet Gabe are dearly loved and missed everyday. I’ll be seeing you.

— Veronica Herrera