In Honor of…Gabriel Alberto Morales

Where to start… I remember going to school around the age of 14 my freshman year at Eastwood High School and getting a message that my parents were there to pick me up. As a young teenager I thought I was getting a great surprise. Life was good at the time I was getting ready to plan my Quinseñera with my family and importantly my uncle Gabe. I ran to the front office where I was met with my dad and my mom. They were happy to see me and so was I. I remember going home and having my little brother with us. We were unpacking our school stuff and I thought it was weird that our surprise wasn’t being told. My parents called us Into their room and my heart broke as the words left my parents lips that my uncle Gabe had entered the gates of heaven. I couldn’t comprehend what just happened my whole world turned around and life changed forever. A wrong way drunk driver had hurt my family and broke my heart. I was never the same. To this day my heart still aches around the holidays because that’s when I heard the news. Heaven had gained a kind, giving, tall, contagious laughter, handsome man on 11/14. I live every day for him I push through my school as a 22 year old almost finishing college. For this reason I strive to be a compassionate attorney and fight for victims like my dear uncle who couldn’t. I will be the voice for the family who hurts as the way my family and I did. For my uncle I live everyday to the fullest and with happiness because life is short. I thank God for blessing me with the time I had with Gabe as I now plan my wedding I wish Gabe could see what accomplishments I’ve done for his legacy. Stop drunk driving, call an Uber or friend to save a aching heart. Enough is enough. Don’t allow names to be added to the list. I love you forever and ever Gabe and I’ll see you again I know it. I hope you’re proud of the plans I’m making as I do this for you. You motivate me to be the best self I can ever achieve to be. I will share your story and share of your giving selfless heart everywhere I go.

— Crystal Lynn Herrera