Ian survived a bed-rest pregnancy of pre-term labor, a full abruption and emergency c-section, premature delivery with all of its complications and a childhood of challenges, struggles and frustrations resulting from that bumpy start to finally come to a place where he had a life he enjoyed and a future he was excited about. Ian is the kindest and gentlest soul I have ever known. He possessed a truly extraordinary sensitivity to others. He delighted in making others happy and could not stand to see another in pain. On Father’s day 2019 I forgot something at the store that I needed for dinner. Ian graciously went to the store for me so that I could finish what I was working on before we started cooking out. On the way back from the store Ian had the misfortune to be on the same road as Mario Orlando Sanchez, who was driving through a residential area at 114 miles per hour with a blood alcohol twice the legal limit. My beautiful, amazing, brave, sweet, determined son died alone in a ditch that day. Mr. Sanchez went home to his own children safe and sound. Ironically, Mr. Sanchez managed to kill the one person I know on this planet who genuinely would have been more worried about the man who killed him than the fact that he’d been killed. God went to astounding lengths to bring Ian into this world, and Ian went to tremendous lengths to survive and thrive, and all of that was undone in an instant. Ian, there are not words enough to say how we miss you and long for you. You are so loved and adored, my sweet boy…and remembered in every single moment. You are still the most beautiful part of every moment.
— Heather McKenna