On December 27th, 2017 I was on my way home from work with my son Cameron who was 13 months old at the time. We were stopped at a stoplight when our drunk driver( also on Vicodin) rear-ended us at 55 to 60 miles per hour. The Acura RDX that I was driving saved our lives. When I regained consciousness I fought, screamed and struggled to self extricate from the front seat to get to my baby. I believed in my heart that there was no way he could have survived such an impact from the back seat. I thought my baby was dead.
I was unaware until the next morning that I had hit AND totalled the vehicle stopped at the light in front of me.
I suffered broken bones, I’ve had surgery, and to this day I struggle with profound PTSD with assiciated anxiety.
This man’s choice to drive drunk and drugged stole years from of my life and time from family.
It is a daily necessity for me to actively manage the flashbacks, nightmares and intrusive thoughts that plague my brain and heart through PTSD.
We survived and for that I am grateful. My heart aches for those that were taken from this life by a drunk driver.
I will never EVER again be the woman, wife, RN or mother that I was before. He stole that from me as well. The violence and terror he subjected us to has changed how I see the world. He opened a pathway in my brain that I may never be able to close.
Please do not drink and drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs. There are too many resources out there, there is simply NO NEED FOR ANY OF THIS.
When I read my victim statement at my drunk drivers sentencing I reminded him that he was truly the luckiest person in the court room that day and that is because WE SURVIVED. Had the impact been to 2mm to the left he would likely be in prison right now for the rest of his natural life.
— Jennifer Rock