My angel in the sky, there is not a second that goes by that neither I or mom and Lisa dont think about you. I miss so many things, our hug every time we saw each other, the funny faces you always made, your big brother advice, I could go on for days. Losing you has changed me In a way i cant explain, people really dont know the bond we had though all the bad things me you, sis and mom walked through together. And how close me and you were. This hole in my heart it will be there forever. Without you I will never be the same. My big brother , my best friend, the one I looked up to and wanted to be like. I wish i could be half the man, father and husband you were. GOD I MISS YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. TILL WE SEE EACH OTHER IN HEAVEN AND HUG AGAIN. MY HEART CRIES EVERYDAY FOR YOU. KEEP SOARING MY ANGEL!!
— Craig Frisch