My brilliant, creative, and artistic son was taken from me and the world. He had made plans to leave our rural Midwest region and move to CA. Celebrating one night with a friend, this brilliant young man would make the last decision of his life. He and his friend were both drunk. Rather than call his girlfriend, brother, myself or his many friends for a ride, they chose another way. They played rock, paper, scissors. They were more concerned about a DWI then safety. They were less then two miles from home. His friend lost and drove. They would crash into a tree, in front of my house, where John was killed instantly. John was always in gifted programs in school, he had a 4.0 in his college courses while working full time. Yet this brilliant 23 year old lost his life because of a decision he made. John is dead, his friend went to jail, and my family and I will hurt our entire lives because of that decision. We tried to honor John’s dream and brought his ashes to the ocean in CA. I want to light this candle in honor of John and the countless others that have been lost from this preventable tragedy.
— Diane Obray