My beautiful daughter Kaitlyn Elizabeth Duffy, my first born child that I loved with all of my being as a mother, not one millisecond goes by without feeling your absence and my heart is forever broken.
I vowed the day he stole your life to get you the justice that you deserved and we did just that.
I continue to honor you my beautiful angel by advocating against Drinking/Drugged driving by being a registered MADD volunteer and sharing your story about the AMAZING person you are and what that SELFISH person did to you and to everyone who loved you.

I miss our mother and daughter times together so so much ?
I miss your hugs when you came into the kitchen every morning. I miss you at Mother’s Days, Christmas’, birthdays, walking Teddy together…every milestone that occurs, every holiday, every birthday, every shopping trip together….all of that has been taken away because of someone’s CHOICE to drink, drug and drive and I will continue to advocate against that in your name.
I will forever be proud of you my beautiful angel!
I love you to the moon and back Girlie!
Every day that passes I am one day closer to seeing you again and I will never ever let you go. ? Mom
— Tammy Duffy