My Name Is…Karen Kruskamp

On April 17, 2021 my mom would’ve been 70!

I often wonder what she would be like now. Would she still be coloring her hair? Would I finally be taller than her? Would she still have that loud laugh that no one could resist laughing along with?

I also think about how we could’ve had lunches together. And traveled to fun places. How she would’ve absolutely loved her 2 beautiful grandchildren and spoiled them rotten.

Instead, a drunk driver selfishly got behind a wheel and robbed all of us of those moments as well as her love, laughter, and life 35 years ago. She’s now been gone as long as she was alive. I was 15 when she was killed.

Here’s to another year of missing her on her birthday. 🎂💔


— Heather Squier