My Name Is…Kayla Marie Shoemaker

My forever 20 year old daughter, my first born, first grandchild of the family, was tragically killed with her friend on impact by a drunk impaired driver on March 2nd 2019, Kayla and her friend were innocent pedestrians, crossing the crosswalk, push the button waiting for the return to cross and a drunk driver ran the red light in a 2-ton vehicle and struck them both, instantly killing both of them on impact, the drunk driver tried to leave the scene in his 2-ton vehicle crashing again disabling his vehicle, he got out and decided to walk to the Wawa gas station where the children were on their way to going, he bought a pack of cigarettes, and began his journey leaving the scene not rendering aid not calling 911 and left left the children in a six Lane highway three lanes each direction. We are still going to the court system and hopefully soon we will have resolution to her case, the driver’s excuse was he was going to get a hot pizza, 4 hours later his blood was drawn and he was still a .138! 4 hours later he was still over the limit and completely still drunk, so far he is not showing any remorse. My daughter Kayla was a social butterfly, she enjoyed all things in life, mother nature was what brought her peace. Kayla was attending college courses to be an aspired child psychologist, even though Kayla has AP art classes and was an amazing talented, artistic person and could put her feelings on paper and a very descriptive manner, Kayla impacted so many people, she was a beautiful soul, you can see her soul radiate through her body and shine through bright blue eyes and her contagious smile and laugh, Kayla leaves behind a sister and a brother, which has been very hard on them, I as her mother as well. I want to honor my daughter, for being an amazing young 20-year-old , she was 2 months shy of turning 21. I spoke to Kayla just hours before this crash, tragically the sheriff’s department in chaplain came to my house at 6:00 a.m., to share the news. I dropped my knees and started screaming no you have the wrong person! I did not want to believe this tragic situation. Kayla love to help people, she would do anything for anyone, she was a very loyal beautiful pure-hearted person. Kayla deserve to live a full life, continuing her college graduating from college, eventuality getting married and having children, unfortunately these are all a dream now. We all have to come together to make sure eventually this world will have no more victims to this 100% preventable crime. We miss Kayla every single day, it’s very hard for me being her mother and her being my firstborn, I was only 16 years old when I had her, I would give my life, to allow Kayla to finish her life here on Earth, and to be able to have her sister be a bridesmaid at her wedding, to be able to be in the room and watch my daughter give birth to her very own child, unfortunately this was all taken away from us. I want to honor my daughter Kayla Marie Shoemaker I love you so much Kayla. I would give anything and everything to have you back, all I can do is walk down God’s path that is now laid for me, and eventually we will spend eternal life together, we all miss you dearly, every single day, and all of our love for you is unconditional it will never, never fade away, you will never be forgotten as you impacted and lit up so many lives. You’re an amazing person, when she would walk into the room you could see her soul radiate and it would shine through a bright blue eyes and her contagious smile and her contagious laugh, she will forever be missed, and forever be loved. We must make this a world where this 100% preventable crime comes to an end. We all love you Kayla, and yes we do feel your signs around us and near us all the time. Forever loving you .

— Heather Shoemaker