My husband was killed by a driver under the influence of drugs. I had been blessed to have him for 11 years as my best friend and loving husband. We have 7 wonderful children in total together. He was on his way to work Sunday October 15, 2017 when he was killed. Our entire family has been devastated this year by the accident and all the major holidays fell back to back right after loosing him. My younger children have been the most affected by this tragedy. The 13 year old has severe anxiety and is scared to be in an accident, my seven year old still cries often missing her daddy, and my three year old doesn’t understand any part of it. I never imagined at 37 I would have my happily ever after ripped from me and my children. I am left a widow and a single mother to take on the stress of the court case as well. I try to share our story as often as possible in hopes that these senseless acts stop!!
— Carrie Mayne