In Honor of…Kerry Breanna Welsh

Dear Kerry,
From the moment I laid eyes on you—you are all I ever thought about. You are all I ever wanted in life. God gave me the greatest blessing ever by letting me be apart of your life. Thank you for being my greatest inspiration, my number one supporter, my shoulder to cry on, my rock, my motivator, my girlfriend, my forever love and my best friend. My shattered heart is not the same without you here. Everything I do in this lifetime—I do for you. Nothing compares to this magnitude of pain, but nothing else could ever compare to the amount of love I have for you. I will never stop fighting for you.

I can’t wait until God calls me home to reunite us again.

Happy Birthday, my lovely girl❤️

I miss you uncontrollably.
I love you endlessly.

– Nick.

— Nick Dergazarian