In Honor of…Kian Mundell

Sunday, 28 March 2021…
Our beautiful boy was skateboarding in the street in front of our house with his dad on the sidewalk watching his moves. A speeding drunk driver approached, suddenly accelerating and before my husband or son could react knocked him off his board at considerable force. We did CPR on our own child, but his internal injuries were fatal.
The driver of the vehicle that killed our child was out on a pittance of bail within a day and is out and about living his life while our child is dead! There is a court appearance scheduled for 2 December to set a trial date and I beg and plead in my mind every day for some form of justice for my child. It has surfaced since the incident that the accused had previous drunk driving convictions to which he paid a fine and carried on with his destructive behavior. Why was he not given a harsher sentence or had his license revoked??? My child would still be alive!
We have faced Kian’s death, his memorial service, his cremation, Mothers and Fathers Day, my birthday in June, my husband’s birthday in September, Kian and his little sister’s birthdays in October, all without our precious boy and now leading up to the holiday season – we are gutted, broken, heart sore! All because a grown man got behind the wheel of his car intoxicated, arrogant and entitled to the detriment of our family 💔 my heart physically aches with every heartbeat and will until the day I die 🤍.
Nothing can bring my child back, so it’s little comfort, but every single day I visualize this man experiencing even a fraction of my pain for the rest of his life.
We have petitioned for speed humps in our street and harsher sentences for drunk driving, but everything I attempt is shadowed by a feeling of despair and lethargy, feeling like I’m being sucked down and immobilized by quicksand.
I feel I’ve been robbed of my child, the life we lived as a very close family and my ability to mother my remaining child, be a wife to my husband and a friend to my favorite people.
I hate that this has happened to us, I’m filled with sadness, rage, depression.
I just want my child back…

— Carmen Mundell