On June 9, 2013 I had just picked my 16 year old daughter up from her cousins house wheee she had been doing a trial hair and make-up run for my nieces wedding which would be the next weekend. We were 5 minutes from home when a highly intoxicated man slammed into our car going 70 miles an hour. My daughter was stuck in the car for 45 minutes as the firefighters tried cutting her from the car. Rushed to the nearest trauma center, she had a 7 hour surgery to save her leg from amputation and put rods and screws in both legs. It’s 5 1/2 years later and my daughter is still disabled and remains mostly in a wheelchair. But my daughter is a brave warrior who has vowed to make something positive out of a negative situation. She has formed a non-profit corporation named “Mallory’s Movement Against Drunk Driving, Inc” and travels all over Virginia sharing her story to anyone who will listen.
— Susan Mallory