A day never goes by without her on my mind. She was one of those lights in the darkness. Her story, her life, she period deserves to be known. On April 4th, 2008 at the young age of 19, she was ran over by a drunk who already had 3 previous DUI’s. The lady after running her over kept going until she hit a pole. She didn’t care about Lauren’s life, but her family,friends, and I did. May her love and her amazing impact on those around her keep going on. She isn’t just a memory to me, she’s still very much part of my life. She is my best friend and I had the ultimate privilege of growing up with her. She chose me to be part of her life and I will forever be grateful that in her short time here, she showed me how to make it through life’s challenges. Gone, but not forgotten!
— Leah Devine