In Honor of…Lauren Grace Sausville

Lauren’s tragic “story” is a bit different than most drunk driving crash victims. Lauren wasn’t hit by a drunk driver, she WAS the drunk driver. She was 16 years old and had had her drivers’ license for 3 weeks when Friday, December 3, 2004 rolled around. She was provided 2 cases of beer, by a 27 year old man whom she knew, to bring to an underage, unsupervised party and, before leaving to go to another party, her boyfriend gave her 4 shots of vodka. While speeding to keep up with a friend she was following to that other party, Lauren crashed into his stopped car at 55 mph. Thank God he was not seriously injured or killed. The roof crushed in on Lauren with such force, she was pushed, seatbelted in the driver’s seat, into the rear passenger compartment of the SUV. She was killed instantly from blunt trauma to her head. It took them an hour to cut her out of the car and, when finally taken, her BAC was .13.
While her story is different, it is no less tragic and we still suffer and grieve her loss every day. She was my husband’s first born and, in addition to losing Lauren, I lost a part of my husband that night. December 3 will always be a most difficult day to endure. There are no longer 365 days in the year for us.

— Debbie Sausville