In Honor of…Maria Hagain, Jennifer Hagain, and Eric Geiger

This is the 25th year without my mom, my sister and my friend (my sister’s fiancée)
25 years without hearing my mom signing Christmas songs with a Cuban accent
25 years without the smell of my mom’s roast Cuban pork cooking in the kitchen
25 years without my sister buying herself a present, wrapping it up, giving it to me and then saying, oh…you don’t like that, I will keep it….and then us laughing out loud over it
25 years without my sister’s fiancée thinking we are the weirdest family on the planet
25 years without my parents holding hands and being thankful for being together and still acting like teenagers
25 years of being yelled at to go put on some makeup and brush my hair for the holiday photos
25 years without my family all because someone made the choice to drink underage and then drive drunk.

— Cynthia Hagain